Meaning Of The Name Inez

Meaning Of The Name Inez. It originates from the greek gods naming all holy mortal creatures that walk along. Pure, chaste inez is a girl's given name of portuguese origin.

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It is the english spelling of the spanish and portuguese name inés/inês/inez, the forms of the given name agnes. The name inez has a long and rich history. The latinized form of the greek name is hagnes, the feminine form of hagnos, meanin…

Pure, Chaste Inez Is A Girl's Given Name Of Portuguese Origin.

Web the meaning of the name “inez” is: Web inez means “chaste” or “sacred” (from ancient greek “hagnós/ἁγνός”) and “lamb” (from latin “agnus”). And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, pure, holy.

The Name Is Pronounced As /Iːˈnɛz/, /Aɪˈnɛz/, Or /Aɪˈnɛθ/.

Agnes was a 3rd century christian martyr whose january 21st feast day is described in. Web see the popularity of the baby girl’s name inez over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in babycenter’s baby names tool. Web in american baby names the meaning of the name inez is:

Web Meaning Of The Name Inez.

From the name agnes categories: The latinized form of the greek name is hagnes, the feminine form of hagnos, meanin… Form of agnes people who like the name.

Agnes Is A Woman's Given Name, Which Derives From The Greek Word Hagnē, Meaning Pure Or Holy.

The name inez is primarily a female name of spanish origin that means pure, holy. On the front lines of culture and what it all means, including the arts, media, social trends, politics and yes, fashion, all told with. Inez and vinoodh for time.

Inez Is A Feminine Given Name.

2 submissions from the united kingdom and australia agree the name inez means pure and is of bengali / italian origin. It is of spanish and latin origin, and the meaning of inez is pure. Agnes, , , , agnes, agnete, agnethe agnes, , agnes, , agnès, inès () agnes ( agni, ági agnes, , , , , , agnes,.