Meaning Of The Name Iram

Meaning Of The Name Iram. The effusion of them, a high heap. Web what is the meaning of the name iram?

IRAM baby girl's name Iram name meaning in Urdu and English

People having the name iram are in general originating from israel. Web iram name symbols. Web with mylo’s baby name finder, you can learn more about the meaning of the name iram as well as its synonyms, religion, numerology, and other details.

Iram Of The Pillars Is A Lost City Mentioned In The Quran — It's Been Adapted As.

Says the name iram means haven garden and is of american origin. The rashi/zodiac of name iram is mesha (a, l, e, i, o) and nakshatra is krittika (a, ee, u, ea, i, e). Its meaning is bright, garden in heaven, the paradise of shadad, eden.

Variants Include Irem, Irham, Irhem, Irhim, Irhom, Irhum, Irhym, Irim, Irom, Irum, And Irym.

Web what is the meaning of the name iram? Bairn, chase, joachim, israel, argus, eli, isaac, elora, esmeralda, avia, madeleine,. Web meaning of iram is bright;garden in paradise.

Web Iram Is A Muslim Arabic Baby Girl Name.

Write iram in urdu, hindi,. The name iram is primarily a male name of hebrew origin that means city of the nation. People who like the name iram also like:

It Is More Often Used As A Boy (Male) Name.

In biblical names the meaning of the name iram is: Web iram is a girl name, meaning garden in paradise / eden in hindu origin. In muslim baby names the meaning of the name iram is:

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Web meanings biblical names meaning: Find the complete details of iram name on babynamescube, the most trusted source for baby name. The name iram (arabic writing :