Meaning Of The Name Ivana

Meaning Of The Name Ivana. The name ivana is derived from russian origin, meaning ‘gift from god’. Says the name ivana means gift from god;

The hidden meaning of the name Ivana Namious

Ivana is a feminine given name, of slavic origins. In hebrew baby names the meaning of the name ivana is: Ivana is of hebrew origin, it means a gift from go d.

The Name Has Multiple Meanings, All Of.

See what 5 people think.web This slavic name has greek.web In croatia, the name ivana was the most common feminine given name between 1970 and 1999.

Ivana Is A Name That Is Slavic In Origin.

It is the feminine form of the name ivan, which are both the slavic cognates of the names joanna and john. Popularity of the name ivana in 39 countries, origin and meaning of the name ivanaweb Variants iva and ivanka are diminutives.web

God Is Gracious And Is Of Czech Origin.

In addition, ivana is a czech, russian, and slavic spelling variant of the russian iwana and.web Masculine forms ivan (czech) ivan (slovak) ivan, jovan, ivica, ivo (serbian) ivan, ivica, ivo (croatian) ivan, ivo (slovene) ioan, ivan, yoan, ivo, vancho (bulgarian) ivan, jovan, ivo, vancho, vančo (macedonian) ivan, ivano (italian)web It is a feminine form of ivan, ultimately derived from the hebrew name yochanan.

Ivana Is Of Hebrew Origin.

All information about the first name ivana. Symbolism of the name ivana. A user from croatia says the name ivana means.web

In Russian Baby Names The Meaning Of The Name Ivana Is:

The meaning of ivana comes from the old slavic name, іѡаннъ (ioannu). The name ivana is a girl's name of slavic origin. Ivana is of hebrew origin, it means a gift from go d.