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Meaning Of The Name Jenna. Use of the name was popularized in the 1980s. Meaning:* this name derives from the ancient greek “iōánnēs (ἰωάννης),”.

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The meaning of the name jenna is: Web the baby girl name jenna is of welsh origin. Person with name jenna has following quality:

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Web in english origin the meaning of name jenna is : Jenna meaning, jenna popularity, jenna hieroglyphics, jenna numerology, and other interesting facts. The name jenna is primarily a female name of english origin that means.

Use Of The Name Was Popularized In The 1980S.

Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more. Web the name jenna is of english, welsh, and cornish origin, meaning “white shadow” or “white wave.” it was first noted on the 1980s tv series dallas, later. Web jenna is a female given name.

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In arabic, jenna (جنة) means “heaven” or “paradise.” it is derived from the arabic word jannah, which represents the concept of a beautiful, blissful. Web the baby girl name jenna is of welsh origin. Jenna's language of origin is hebrew and it is.

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Web according to a user from california, u.s., the name jenna means angel, or from heaven. You may think of it as a nickname for jennifer, but for the last few decades, jenna has become a. The name jenna is usually given to a girl.

Web The Meaning Of The Name “Jenna” Is:

Web jenna means someone whos really cool (wink wink,nudge nudge). ♥ add to my namelist. Jenna means “yahweh is gracious”, “yahweh is merciful” (from johanna) and “white fairy”, “white phantom” (from.