Meaning Of The Name Jetta

Meaning Of The Name Jetta. People with name jetta are usually by religion. Web what is the meaning of the name jetta?

Jetta Meaning of Name

Greek , latin themes(s) and list(s) jetta is on: Dutch short form of henriëtte. Most english kings named henry were called harry.

Says The Name Jetta Means Ruler Of The Home And Is Of Hungarian Origin.

Jetta has 12 forms that are used in english and foreign languages. Web other origin (s): Greek , latin themes(s) and list(s) jetta is on:

Web The Name Jetta Is A Girl's Name Of English Origin Meaning Jet.

Web what does jetta mean? Jetta is diminutive form of henrietta or marietta. Forms used in english include jeta, jete, jetia, jetje, jett, jettea, jettee, jettey, jetti, and jetty.

Web The Name Jetta Has Various Spiritual Connotations That Can Greatly Influence The Life And Personality Of Those Who Bear It.

Find all about this name: 14,031st in the usa (top 45%) origin(s) for jetta: Web this is in turn derived from old french jaiet, from latin (lapis) gagātēs ‘stone from gagai’, a town in lycia, asia minor.

Jetta Is A Dutch And Hungarian Short Form Of The Name Henrietta.

Saturn is the ruling planet for the name jetta. Web jetta is a ♀ girl’s name. Black gem popularity for girl:

The Name Jetta Having Moon Sign As Capricorn Is.

Model of volkswagen car people who like the name jetta also like: Web acoording to vedic astrology , rashi for the name jetta is makar and moon sign associated with the name jetta is capricorn. She’s fun and feisty with a sound that easily crosses borders, whether it’s a language or a country.