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Meaning Of The Name Jin. What is the meaning of the name jin? It consists of 3 letters.web

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Unisex (male and female) usage: In chinese, ‘jin’ (金) means ‘gold’.web The different meanings of the name jin are:

As Trade Routes Expanded And Empires Rose And Fell, The Name.web

From chinese 金 ( jīn) meaning gold, metal, money, 锦 ( jǐn) meaning tapestry, brocade, embroidered or 津 ( jīn) meaning ferry. Check out jin name pronunciation, lucky number, syllables, urdu / hindi translation, and more. Jin is a popular first name.

In Chinese, 'Jin' (金) Means 'Gold'.web

There are multiple entries for this name…. It has several meanings, including bright, beautiful, and gold. from honoring your ancestral heritage to.web The meaning, origin and history of the given name jin.web

Jin Is A Name That Has A Rich History And Meaning In Different Cultures.

Also, one of the five basic elements that were believed.web Meaning of jin in different cultures. Jin 1 m & f chinese.

Jin Is Used As Both A Boys And Girls Name.

Detailed information about the name jin. The different meanings of the name jin are: It consists of 3 letters.web

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According to a user from new jersey, u.s., the name jin is of chinese origin and means 1. It is pronounced as jhihn †. (historical) synonym of balhae, a northern korean state, (particularly) between its ad 698 founding.web