Meaning Of The Name Khloe

Meaning Of The Name Khloe. How popular is the name khloe. Web meaning of khloe name :

Khloe Name meaning, origin, variations and more

Web the baby girl name khloe is of greek origin. The name khloe is an english baby name. Web the meaning of the name “khloe” is:

Khloe Comes From The Greek Khlóē (Χλοη) Meaning “Small Green Shoot Of A Plant”.

Khloe is a popular baby name for girls. See khloe (boy) search by name. Meaning:* this name derives from the ancient greek “khlóē (χλόη),” meaning “blooming, young green shoot, green.

Web The Name Khloe Is Primarily A Female Name Of Greek Origin That Means Verdant And Blooming.

Web what does khloe mean? The meaning of the name khloe is: Khloe’s a variation of the popular chloe, thanks to reality star karshadian of the.

Khloe Is An Alternate Spelling Of Chloe (Greek) And Its Source Form.

It’s a name that’s both delicate and strong, much like a young plant just starting to grow. Colors, green, kardashians, modern english, plants, variants. Web if you’re considering the name khloe for your baby girl, you might be wondering what it means.

Khloe Meaning, Khloe Popularity, Khloe Hieroglyphics, Khloe Numerology, And Other Interesting Facts.

Etymology & historical origin of the baby name khloe. Web the baby girl name khloe is of greek origin. Web khloe name meaning, origin, history, and popularity.

Web The Name Khloe Is Of Greek Origin And Means Young Green Shoot. It Is A Variation Of The Name Chloe.

Web the name khloe is a girl's name of greek origin meaning young green shoot. Khloe is also related to. In modern times, the name chloe has evolved into different spellings and variations,.