Meaning Of The Name Kristopher

Meaning Of The Name Kristopher. Kristopher is generally used as a boy's name. The meaning of kristopher is follower of christ.

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Agree the name kristopher means christ bearer. People having the name kristopher are in general. Entry updated october 11, 2012.

Pronunciation Of The Name Kristopher:

The name kristopher, a variation of the widely known christopher, has greek origins and is derived from. Not as familiar and easy as christopher, not as unusual and interesting as christoph or krzysztof. Web traditionally, kristopher is a name given to baby boys.

Web The Name Christopher Is Derived From The Greek Word Christóforos, Meaning “Bearer Of Christ.” It Is Composed Of Two Greek Elements Christós (Christ) And Phero (To.

The constituent parts are χριστός (. Web what does kristopher mean? It consists of 10 letters and 3 syllables.

It Is More Often Used As A Boy (Male) Name.

Web origin, meaning, and history of kristopher. The name kristopher is primarily a male name of american origin that means christbearer. Web in the new testament, salvation is described as a gift from god that is available to all who believe in jesus christ.

Web Before Delving Into The Details, It Is Essential To Have A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Name Kristopher.

And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, christbearer. It is of scandinavian and greek origin, and the meaning of kristopher is bearing christ. Says the name kristopher means follower of christ.

Kristopher Is A Popular First Name.

The lucky gemstone for the name kristopher is the beryl, which induces new talents and the realization of one's potential. The meaning of kristopher is follower of christ. Web kristopher is a boy's name.