Meaning Of The Name Lagertha

Meaning Of The Name Lagertha. Learn everything about the name lagertha. It represents a strong and fearless.

Lagertha the Shieldmaiden, Ragnar Lothbrok's Wife

Learn everything about the name lagertha. The name “lagertha” has its roots in norse. Web lagertha is a norse girl name.

Ferocious At Times, Lagertha Shouldn't Be Hassled, Rushed Or Upset.

These meanings resonate with adventurous, confident, and brave qualities. Important figures, ideas of associated names as well as the evolution of births of babies bearing this name. Web lagertha name meaning available!

Other Historians Wrote That They May Have A Basis In Tales About The Norse Deity

It represents a strong and fearless. Latinized form of the old norse name hladgerdr. Her tale was recorded by the chronicler saxo in the 12th century.

Swedish, Norwegian And Finnish Meaning:.

The name lagertha is a girl's name. Meaning and symbolism the meaning and origin of the norse viking name “lagertha”. According to viking legend, lagertha was a shieldmaiden and wife of famed viking leader ragnar lodbrok.

Web Baby Names › Lagertha Find The Perfect Name In 5 Min, It's Free Lagertha Meaning And Origin Lagertha Is A Name That's Been Used By Parents Who Are Considering Girl Baby.

Web lagertha has been talked about multiple times in norse myths and legends, but she doesn’t feature often in modern literature and pop culture. Lagertha name numerology is 9 and here you can learn how to pronounce lagertha, lagertha origin and similar names to lagertha. Web lagertha origin and meaning.

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Web lagertha also means 'spear brave', 'strength of the spear', 'enclosure', and ‘to be guarded’. Web the name lagertha is a girl's name. Web the meaning of the girl name lagertha is details on lagertha: