Meaning Of The Name Lemuel

Meaning Of The Name Lemuel. לְמוּאֵל ləmū’ēl, to him, el ) is the name of a biblical king mentioned in proverbs 31 :1 and 4, but whose identity remains uncertain. Web the name lemuel is of hebrew origin and is derived from the hebrew word “לְמוּאֵל” (lemu’el), which translates to “dedicated to god” or “devoted to god.” it is a name.

Lemuel Name Meaning

In the book of mormon it is the name of a rebellious son. Lemuel warren smith (born july 23, 1941), is an american convicted serial killer who was the first convict to kill. Web lemuel is a hebrew name, meaning devoted to god, which may refer to:

Lemû'êl / Lemô'êl Meaning:* This Name Derives From The Hebrew “Lemû’êl/Lemô’êl,” Meaning “Devoted To God.” Lemuel Is.

Web a user from missouri, u.s. Web info lemuel is derived from the hebrew language and means 'belonging to god'. Lemuel is a name from the hebrew bible.

Web The Name Lemuel Has Hebrew Origins And Translated From “El”, Which Means God.

Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be. Web lemuel origin and meaning. In the book of mormon it is the name of a rebellious son.

Web An Expanded Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Would Serve As A Healing Sanctuary For Thousands Of Greater Boston Residents Struggling With Debilitating Mental Illnesses.

Symbolism of the name lemuel:. Devoted to god ♥ add to my namelist what is the. Lemuel is a neglected old testament name, with the friendly nickname lem, that we're surprised hasn't been picked up on by parents who.

Web Means For God In Hebrew.

It is of hebrew origin, and the meaning of lemuel is belonging to god. Belonging to god lemuel is a boy’s name of hebrew origin. Web meaning of the name lemuel updated december 3, 2023 lemuel gender:

Web What Does Lemuel Mean?

Lemuel is a boy’s name of hebrew origin, meaning “devoted to god.”. The link to the color blue raises the belief that those named lemuel don't like attracting attention to their talents. Biblical name (possibly meaning ‘devoted to god’ in hebrew) borne by an obscure king who was.