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Meaning Of The Name Lisette. In hebrew, elisheva means 'god is my oath' or 'my. Web lisette means devoted to god it is popular in the english, french, and german 'languages'.

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Web meaning of lisette name, its origin, religion. Web lisette is a girl name, meaning god’s promise, god is my oath in swedish origin. Lisette is a beautiful name for baby girls, with roots that span the globe.

Web Meaning Of Lisette Name, Its Origin, Religion.

Lisette, also spelled lizette, is a dainty,, if somewhat dated, gallic offshoot of elizabeth. Web the name lisette is a girl's name of french origin meaning pledged to god. It is a diminutive of the name élisabeth, which is.

Peak Of Popularity In 1999, Then Fell Off The List In 2001.

Web origin, meaning and history of lizette. From the hebrew elisheba, meaning either oath of god, or god is satisfaction. Web what does lisette mean?

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Says the name lisette is of french origin. Lizette is a name that has hebrew origins. Lisette is often a familiar form.

It's Primary Origin Is French, Where Names.

Classic youthful formal upper class natural wholesome delicate refined strange nerdy. Famous people named lisette include lisette oropesa,. The meaning of lisette has more than one different etymologies.

Lisette Is Used Predominantly In The English, French, And.

Web the baby girl name lisette is of french origin. Lisette meaning, lisette popularity, lisette hieroglyphics, lisette numerology, and other interesting facts. Web the name lisette is primarily a female name of french origin that means god is my oath.