Meaning Of The Name Lois. Web what does the name lois mean? The meaning, origin and history of the given name lois.

Lois Meaning of Name

Web lois 1 f english, biblical, biblical latin, biblical greek. Web this name derives from the old high german “chlodowich and chlodovech,” composed of two elements: Web it is derived from the greek word “helios,” which means “bright” or “shining.” in ancient greece, the name was bestowed upon girls who were believed to have a.

In French Baby Names The Meaning Of.

Web this name derives from the ancient greek “lóḯón,” meaning “more desirable, more agreeable, better, good.”. Web the name lois is the female version of the male name louis. Web lois is a girl’s name of greek origin.

Web This Name Derives From The Old High German “Chlodowich And Chlodovech,” Composed Of Two Elements:

During the first half of the 20th century the name lois was a common female baby name in north america and. Close names include louys, luis, louis, lorys, lucio, leonus, louniss, lyes, clovis, ludovic, l… Web in greek, the name lois is believed to be derived from the word “loios,” which means “agreeable” or “desirable.”.

In Biblical Names The Meaning Of The Name Lois Is:

A name from the new testament english meaning: The feminine form of louis. Lois is a common english name from the new testament.

The Name Loïs Is Derived From The Name Louis, Itself Derived From Clovis Which Is Derived From The Germanic Root, Hlodowig, Which Can Be Interpreted In The Sense Of Glorious Or Illustrious Fighter.

The name lois is primarily a female name of greek origin that means better. Web lois lois meanings biblical names meaning: The meaning, origin and history of the given name lois.

Web What Does The Name Lois Mean?

From the noun ליש ( layish ), lion. Also possibly a variant of louise (old german) famous warrior. In the bible, lois was mentioned as the grandmother of saint timothy.