Meaning Of The Name Naima

Meaning Of The Name Naima. Not to be confused with the female name of north.web The spelling and pronunciations of naima.web

Significado do nome Naíma

Naima is the feminine form of na’im and embodies the beautiful meanings of ‘tranquil,’ ‘happy,’ and ‘at ease’ in arabic. The two names come from the same root, but have.web It was a top 200.web

Na'im / Nâ‛Îym Meaning:* This Name Derives From The Arabic “Na’im,” Meaning “Tranquil, At Ease, Happiness, Comfort.” Arab Al.web

As an arabic name, the normal transcription is na'ima, with an apostrophe. Entourage insight this name is likely to be found in the company of people who care about realism and purposefulness, plus, one should be mindful of people who.web Naima is an indirect quranic name for girls that means “soft”, “gentle”, “blessed”, “living a good life”.

Naima As A Girls' Name Is Of Arabic Origin, And The Meaning Of Naima Is To Be Contented.

Naima means “pleasantness” (from hebrew “no’am/נועם” = pleasantness or “na’ám/נֹעַם” = to please) and “happy”, “tranquil”,.web Naima is generally used as a girl’s name. The name naima is a muslim name of arabic origin that means comfort, ease, or prosperity. it is derived from the arabic word na’ima, which means to be.web

The Meaning, Origin And History Of The Given Name Naïma.

In arabic, naima means “peaceful” or “tranquil”. Naima rate this name 4.5 origin: According to a user from maryland, u.s., the name naima means blessed child of.web

12 Rows Naima Is A Feminine Name Of Arabic Origin And Is Said To Come From An Arabic Word Meaning ‘Content’.

This name is a variant form of “naomi and naama.” a) the name no’ŏmı̂y, meaning “beautiful, pleasant, delightful.” in judaism and christianity, naomi “pleasant, agreeable,.web The name naima is of arabic origin. The meaning of naima is to be contented.

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The different meanings of the name naima are: It can also be another spelling of the rare arabic girl name naaima, which means soft, gentle, blessed. Naima is the feminine equivalent of the arabic naim.