Meaning Of The Name Nalani

Meaning Of The Name Nalani. The name nalani is hawaiian for calmness of the skies. Nalani means “the heavens” or “royal one” and “serenity of the skies” or “calm skies” (from hawaiian “nā” = the (plural) + “lani” = heaven/sky/royal).

Nalani Meaning of Name

The name nalani is a girl’s name of hawaiian origin meaning calm skies. Nalani is generally used as a girl’s name. Symbolism of the name nalani:

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Evocative of tranquil island escapes. Name nalani is of hawaiian origin and is a girl name. What does each alphabet means in the name nalani?each letters holds a specific meanings that describe the nature of the name.

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The meaning of the name “nalani” is: The meaning of nalani is the heavens. The name nalani is of hawaiian origin.

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Nalani tends to represent a special kind of.web Nalani is pronounced “nah lah nee,” which may be difficult for some.web Potential for teasing or bullying due to its uncommonness or perceived different sound.

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The meaning of the girl name nalani is calmness of the heavens. Symbolism of the name nalani: Name nalani in the hawaiian origin, means the head, or the chief or the heavens.

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The name nalani has a beautiful meaning, “calm skies,” making it a great choice for parents who want to give. The hawaiian name nalani refers to the “serenity of the skies.”. Unisex (male and female) usage: