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Meaning Of The Name Norah. Nora name meaning and origin. Popular baby names baby names norah baby girl name meaning, origin, and popularity in this article save to list see your list see the boy version of this name norah name.web

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The name norah is primarily a female name of irish origin that means honor. The meaning, origin and history of the given name norah.web A respelling of nora and a short form of eleanor, this name means “honor” or “dignity.” this makes is a beautiful way to.web

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The name norah is a girl's name meaning woman of honor, light. Popularity of the name norah; 114 rows the name norah means “little honor” or “little respect,” and this meaning is reflected in the personality of a norah.

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Norah is generally used as a girl’s name. It is an elongation of nora, which is itself a pet form of various names such as leonora or eleanor. The meaning, origin and history of the given name norah.web

The Name Norah Is Primarily A Female Name Of Irish Origin That Means Honor.

It may owe a recent increase in.web As well as being a spelling variant of nora in english, it's also an.web The name norah is an american baby name.

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Our guy knows the true meaning of christmas beyond all the commercialism. Woman of honor origin latin and greek gender girl norah name meaning, origin and religion |.web A submission from the united kingdom.web