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Meaning Of The Name Obadiah. Biblical , hebrew biblical meaning : In the old testament this is the name of one of the.web

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Ask your friends & family about obadiah…web Obadiah name also used in these origins : 3,706th in the usa (top 15%) origin(s).web

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The name obadiah is a boy's name of hebrew origin meaning servant of god. Obadiah's language of origin is hebrew,.web Obadiah was the prophet who wrote the shortest book in the old testament.web

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The name is related to abdeel, servant of. Servant of yah) is a biblical theophorical name, meaning servant or slave of yahweh or worshiper of yahweh. the greek form of the name used in the septuagint is obdios. Obadiah as a boys’ name is of hebrew origin, and the meaning of obadiah is servant of god.

The Highest Recorded Use Of The First Name Obadiah Was In 2016 With A Total Of 107 Babies.

In hebrew baby names the meaning of the name obadiah is: It was a common christian name in the 17th c,.web For the seriously audacious biblical baby namer who wants to move beyond elijah.web

Servant Of Yah, Or Slave Of Yah [Yhwh]), Also Known As Abdias, Is A Biblical Prophet.

This name is related to the arabic “abdeel,” meaning “servant of god,” which is also cognate to the arabic name “abdullah” or.web Obadiah (/ oʊ b ə ˈ d aɪ. Infographic of obadiah name meaning, which is “the servant of god,” from the hebrew ovod (serve) and yahweh (god).

A Lesser Prophet From The Old Testament.

Serves god popularity for boy: What does each alphabet means in the name obadiah?each letters holds a specific meanings that describe the nature of the name. In latin it is translated as abdias while in arabic it is either ʿabdullah (عبد الله), ubaydah (عبيده), or ubaidullah (عبیدالله) slave of god.