Meaning Of The Name Rahul

Meaning Of The Name Rahul. Conqueror of miseries, buddha's son. Web 12 rows rahul is a popular indian boy’s name and actually has several meanings.

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In sanskrit, its root is derived from “raahulya,”. Rahul, a popular male name in india, has a. Web meaning of rahul is son of buddha, conqueror of all miseries, competent, efficient son of lord buddha , conqueror of all miseries.

Web Rahul, A Popular Male Name In India, Has A Variety Of Meanings.

Sanskrit for able or efficient. The name rahul is primarily a male name of indian origin that has an unknown or unconfirmed meaning. 1 word with 5 characters.

The Name Rahul Holds Captivating Meanings That Have Transcended Time And Cultures.

Web the name rahul means son of buddha, conqueror of all miseries, competent, efficient (son of lord buddha) and the effect of this meaning is also visible like the person. Web the name rahul is of hindi origin. In sanskrit, its root is derived from “raahulya,”.

In Indian, It Means “Conqueror Of All Miseries” But In Arabic, It Means “Traveler”.

Rahul name meanings in english, personality, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion. The earliest meaning found in the upanishads is conqueror of all miseries. An efficient person, son of lord buddha.

Possibly Means Able, Efficient In Sanskrit.

It is often associated with characteristics like brightness, efficiency, and charisma. The name rahul is an sanskrit baby name. Web what is the meaning of the name rahul?

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Rahul is baby boy name. Rahul also means traveler in. Web rahul name meaning, origins & popularity.