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Meaning Of The Name Raisa. Also possibly originated as a slavic equivalent of ruth (hebrew). The meaning, origin and history of the given name raisa.

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Web international interest for raisa. The meaning, origin and history of the given name raisa. This meaning reflects the strong and.

The Name Raisa Is A Variant, Or Truncated Form Of, The Name Iraida.

Web this name derives from the arabic “raʾīs > raisat,” meaning “the best woman among a group of women, leader, chief, princess, a noble lady, a wealthy lady.” rais, raees,. 1) from the ancient greek term “rhâion (ῥᾷον),” meaning “more relaxed”; It is of hebrew and yiddish origin, and the meaning of raisa is rose.

Feminine Of Rais ‘Leader, Chief’ In.

Web raisa or raissa is a female personal name. The name raisa is commonly a female name from the russian origin that means rose. Web the name raisa is primarily a female name of hebrew origin that means rose.

Also A Russian Name Of Unknown Meaning And An Arabic Name Meaning.

Web raisa meaning and origin the name raisa is a girl's name meaning 'chief, rose' and is of arabic or yiddish origin. It is popular in russia and south asia (as a feminine form of rais). Dig into our huge database of 70,000+ baby names for that one perfect pick raisa name.

Known In America Via The Wife Of Soviet Head Mikhail Gorbachev;

What is the meaning of the name raisa? 10,352nd in the usa (top 35%) origin(s) for raisa: Raisa 1 f russian, ukrainian, belarusian.

The Name Raisa Is Derived From The Arabic Word “Ra`is,” Which Means “Captain” Or “Leader.”.

Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large. Common colloquial forms are raisa, raisia, raisya. Web the name raisa is a girl's name of russian origin meaning easygoing;