Meaning Of The Name Reynolds

Meaning Of The Name Reynolds. A pet form of the name reginald; A user from virginia, u.s.

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One knesset member, yulia malinovsky, accused hamas of “raping women in. Web from the germanic name raginald, composed of the elements regin advice, counsel, decision and walt power, authority. A variant of the name reynard.

Web The Name Reynolds Is Based On The Norman Given Name Reginald Or Regenweald, Meaning Brave Councilor, Which Is An Alteration Of The Old French Name Reinold.

Web reynolds name meaning english: Reynolds is primarily used in english and it is of. In irish baby names the meaning of the name reynolds is:

A User From Virginia, U.s.

Reynolds is a version of reginald (latin): Web the knesset, israel’s parliament, held a separate session on sexual violence last week. The french regnauld and renaud.

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Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more. Web 197 rows reynolds surname definition: Web the common last name reynolds is a patronymic surname meaning son of reynold. the given name reynold derives from the germanic name reginold composed of the.

The Earlier Root Is The Old Norse Rognvaldr,.

This suggests that the original. Web meanings irish baby names meaning: Web the name reynolds is primarily a male name of english origin that means family of reginald.

This Surname Is Derived From The Name Of An Ancestor.

One knesset member, yulia malinovsky, accused hamas of “raping women in. A variant of the name reynard. Says the name reynolds means kingdom or royal power.