Meaning Of The Name Rodney

Meaning Of The Name Rodney. From an english surname, originally derived from a place name, which meant hroda's island in old english (where hroda is an old english given name meaning fame). Rodney means land near the water, from the famous one's clearing on the island.

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When a name has ‘r’.web Meaning “roda’s island” and “island near the clearing,” the name rodney may conjure images of breathtaking.web The name rodney is a boy’s name of english origin meaning island near the clearing.

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Name rodney in the english origin, means a person who comes from the island that is near a valley. A name linked to spirituality and inner.web A user from brazil says the name rodney means faucet.

The Name Rodney Attracts Realism, Spontaneity And Cautiousness.

Rodney in television and movies;.web In teutonic baby names the.web What is the meaning of the name rodney?

And Is Of English Origin.

Rodney in somerset and wiltshire; The derivation of rodney is uncertain. It denotes a pattern that assists you in growth and development:

Rodney Means Land Near The Water, From The Famous One's Clearing On The Island.

It was first used as a given name in honour of the british.web The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the lord. Some believe it is from the.web

The Spirit Of Counsel And Might.

Rodney is a baby boy name of german origin. You are tolerant and like to help humanity. Says the name rodney is of african origin and means king.