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Meaning Of The Name Rosalie. American names, british names, canadian names, english names, french names, twilight names used in:.web Says the name rosalie means rose garden.web

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Rosalie is a french name that means beautiful rose, a diminutive for rose or rosalyn. Name rosalie origin, meaning, pronunciation & popularity of the name rosalie save rosalie to my favorites rosalie added to favorites 252 rosalie is a ♀.web According to a user from virginia, u.s., the name rosalie is of american origin and means rose bush.

Top 1000 Completely In The 1980S, Only To Spring Back To Life In 2009 As The Name Of A Character In.web

Diminutives for the name include rosa, rose, roz, or rosie. It has a romantic and vintage charm, often associated with love and nobility. The name may also be spelled rozalie in dutch and rosalee or rosaleigh in english.

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Rosalie, of latin origin, is a very popular first name. Rosalie is of latin origin, and it is used mainly in.web (rŏsa / rosalia) (roza > *hrōþiz) (wrdho) (ródon) meaning:* this name has different origins:

Rosalie Is A Feminine Given Name, The French, German, And Dutch Form Of The Roman Name Rosalia, Which Was Ultimately Derived From The Latin Word Rosa, Meaning Rose.

In italian the meaning of the name rosalie is: The name rosalie is usually given to a girl. It is of french origin.

Meaning Of Rosalie Rosalie Is The French Form Of The Italian Name Rosalia.

And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, rose. Find out more about the origin, popularity, songs and people who like the name.web It reflects the endearing nature of the name and adds a sense of charm and sweetness.web

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It is the french, dutch, and german version of rosalia, and has been popular since 2009. The name rosalie is a girl's name of french origin meaning rose. It's hard to believe given its timeless essence, but it dropped off the popularity polls in the 1980s.web