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Meaning Of The Name Shahid. Web the meaning of shahid is : Web the name shahid is of arabic origin.

Shahid muslim boys name and meaning, islamic boys name Shahid

The name shahid (arabic writing : Shahid is a masculine name. Web the name shahid is of arabic origin.

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Web shahid or shaheed originates from the qur’anic arabic word meaning “witness” and is also used to denote a “martyr.” it is used as an honorific for muslims who have died fulfilling a. It is directly mentioned in the quran in many places the quran. Web the meaning of the boy name shahid is a martyr (religious or political) details on shahid:

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The name shahid (arabic writing : Web shahid is an arabic name that means “witness” or “martyr”. Says the name shahid means martyr or.

Shahid Is A Masculine Name.

Web as a name with deep roots and widespread recognition, the name shahid has given rise to variations and derivatives in different cultures and languages. Web the meaning of the name “shahid” is: Web explore the name shahid, its origin, popularity, meaning and variations.

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Shahid is a quranic name for boys that means “witness”, “observer”. Web shahid is a muslim boy name with arabic origins. Web what does shahid mean?

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Web means witness in arabic. Shahid (plural shahids) alternative spelling of shaheed. A submission from florida, u.s.