Meaning Of The Name Tara. The name is popular in ireland, the united states and australia. Web tara 1 f english.

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Tara 2 f hinduism, indian, hindi, nepali. In gaelic, a tower, in allusion to the royal towers of the hill of tara, where irish kings resided. Tara is a given name with multiple meanings in different cultures.

Tara Is A Given Name With Multiple Meanings In Different Cultures.

Web a savior goddess, in mahayana budd hism. Web tara means “star” (from sanskrit “tārā/तारा” or persian “târâ/تارا”). Irish meaning of tara classmate finder find family tree free dating sites gender:

It Was Popularized In Margaret Mitchell's Gone.

Web her name, tara, means “star” in sanskrit, symbolizing her radiant presence and guiding light. Web info tara originates in gaelic languages and means hill, raised place. Web tara is an irish gaelic place name, associated with the hill of tara, (irish:

It Is Derived From The Irish Word “Tór”, Which.

Web tara 1 f english. Web tara is a baby girl name with two separate etymologies: Web home • baby names tara a vibrant name with a rainbow of meanings.

Learn About Its Gaelic, Indian, Irish, Sanskrit, And Scottish Origins, As Well As Its.

The name means “elevated place, high. Web tara is a classic girl name with different meanings and origins depending on the source. Web what does the name tara mean?

Despite A Rich History In Irish Myth Preceding Its Plantation Appearance In Gone With The Wind ,.

The name is popular in ireland, the united states and australia. One from the gaelic place name teamhair and one from the sanskrit word for star. Devotees of tara seek her blessings to overcome obstacles, gain.