Meaning Of The Name Tim

Meaning Of The Name Tim. Tim (and its variations) is a common name in several countries. Keep reading to find the user submitted meanings, dictionary definitions, and more.

Tim Name meaning, origin, variations and more

Web meaning of the name tim more info. The name is of greek and germanic origin and comes from the following roots:. Tim is a name, originally a short form of timothy.

This Classic Nickname Is Commonly Derived From Timothy,.

People having the name tim are in general originating from. Web tim as a name for boys is of greek derivation, and the meaning of tim is god's honor. Timothy is an anglicized form of the old greek name 'timotheos' or the latin.

The Name Is Of Greek And Germanic Origin And Comes From The Following Roots:.

Tim is derived from the greek name timotheos, which means honoring god. Web the name tim is primarily a male name of greek origin that means short form of timothy. June 13, 2022 by momswhothink staff tim is often thought of as a nickname for timothy, but up until.

Keep Reading To Find The User Submitted Meanings, Dictionary Definitions, And More.

It is a version of the greek name τιμόθεος (timόtheos) meaning one who honours god, from τιμή honour and θεός god. Web tim brooketaylor, british comedy actor. Tim is a version of timothy (greek).

Tim (And Its Variations) Is A Common Name In Several Countries.

What does the name tim. Web short form of timothy or (in germany) dietmar. What is the origin of the name tim?

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Web tim is a ♂ boy’s name. Web content article the name timothy: It is more often used as a boy (male) name.