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Meaning Of The Name Travis. However, it can also be seen as a variation of the name. Web english (mainly lancashire and yorkshire) :

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Web the spiritual meaning of the name travis is rooted in its etymology. Web the meaning of the name “travis” is: Occupational name for a gatherer of tolls exacted for the right of passage across a bridge, ford, or other.

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It is derived from the word traverser or to cross, and was given to toll collectors who stood by a bridge or crossing. English meaning of travis classmate finder find family tree free dating sites gender: It is more often used as a boy (male) name.

The Name Was Given To Toll Collectors Who Used To.

Web the spiritual meaning of the name travis is rooted in its etymology. Travis is a name of english. Travers is an english name, derived from the word ‘traverser’, which means ‘to cross’.

Web English (Mainly Lancashire And Yorkshire) :

Web travis is a boy’s name of french origins, meaning “toll collector.” travis was initially a surname deriving from the french words traverser, which translates to “to. July 26, 2021 by momswhothink staff travis is a likeable male baby name. Travis is generally used as a boy's name.

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Web what is the meaning of the name travis? Web the name travis is commonly interpreted as ‘to cross over’ or ‘to traverse’, reflecting its old french roots. This was the name given to the men who collected tolls from people crossing a.

It Is Of Old French Origin, And The Meaning Of Travis Is To Cross Over.

Web home › baby boy names › baby names › travis travis updated: Web travis is derived from travers. The name travis is primarily a male name of english origin that means from the crossing or tollgate.