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Meaning Of The Name Una. Great names for little feet to grow on In celtic baby names the meaning of the name una is:

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Name una in the scottish, latin, icelandic, romanian origin, means icelandic word for friend, romanian word for one. Web learn everything about the name una. The meaning of the name “una” is:

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Web anglicized form of irish úna or scottish ùna. It is mainly found in continental. Una is an irish name.

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Web una is a rare baby girl name. Web the baby girl name una is of latin origin. Web in native american the meaning of the name una is:

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In an epic poem, the personification of truth, beauty, and unity; 9 person with name una has following quality: The name una may mean the personification.

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Úna is an irish language version that may be derived from the irish word uan 'lamb'. In english baby names the. Great names for little feet to grow on

Web According To A User From Ireland, The Name Una Means One Or Lamb Or Beauty.

It is also associated with latin una, feminine form of unus meaning one. Here is the latest 16 years from usa social. What does the name una mean?