Meaning Of The Name Vander

Meaning Of The Name Vander. The name vander is usually given to a boy. The meaning of the boy name vander.

Vander Meaning of Name

Vander’s language of origin is dutch. Vander as a boys’ name. It is also a variation of the.web

Pronunciation Of The Name Vander The Pronunciation Of.web

According to a user from maryland, u.s., the name vander means good man. A user from alaska, u.s. Possibly (dutch) from the or a short form of evander (greek) good man.

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Vander?

The name is borne in roman mythology by the son of.web The name vander is usually given to a boy. Originated from the greek culture.

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Meaning of the name vander. The name vander is a boy’s name. The growth number corresponding to this first name is 1.

It Is Also A Variation Of The.web

The baby girl name vander is of not available origin. How do i pronounce vander? Middle names › vander vander updated:

Vander As A Boys' Name.

It is a diminutive form of the greek name evander which means ‘good man’. Yesterday, special counsel jack smith filed a petition for.web The name vander is of dutch origin, and it means from the south.gender: