Meaning Of The Name Wilhelm

Meaning Of The Name Wilhelm. Germany the german state of prussia,. A submission from utah, u.s.

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It was also the middle name of several philosophers from germany: Pronunciation of wilhelm german english . Web wilhelm is a name that takes its roots from its german origins.

Wilhelm Is An Uncommonly Occurring Given Name For Men But A Very Prominent Last Name For All People (#1666 Out Of 150436, Top 1%).

Web wilhelm origin and meaning. Web wilhelm means “resolute protector” (from old high german “willio” = will/desire + “helm” = protection/helmet). Web meaning of wilhelm name, its origin, religion.

Pronunciation Of Wilhelm German English .

The name wilhelm denotes a. In teutonic baby names the meaning of the name wilhelm is: Helmet protection wilhelm is a masculine name of german origin.

Web The Meaning Of Wilhelm The Name Wilhelm Embodies The Idea Of Someone Who Possesses A Determined And Protective Nature.

Web the meaning of the name “wilhelm” is: Wilhelm is a boy’s name of german origin, meaning: People having the name wilhelm are in general originating.

The Name Wilhelm Is A Boy's Name Of German Origin Meaning Resolute Protection.

The name wilhelm is primarily a male name of german origin that means will, desire and helmet, protection. Web in german baby names the meaning of the name wilhelm is: Web the origin of the name lies in german.

“Will”, Meaning “Desire” Or “Will”, And “Helm”, Meaning “Protection” Or “Helmet”.

“will, desire + helmet, protection”. We searched the entire web for you to find the meaning of the name wilhelm not only the meaning. It is more often used as a boy (male) name.