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Meaning Of Therese Name. Girl first name 35k in the. Greek ‘therizein,’ which means ‘to harvest,.

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It is believed that the. Web in french baby names the meaning of the name therese is: Read the name meaning, origin, pronunciation, and popularity of the baby name therese for girls.

Web Therese Means Tender And Is Of French Origin.

Which is the name of two popular saints 'teresa of avila' and 'therese of lisieux.'. The name therese has its roots in greek and means “to harvest”, “to reap” or “harvester”. Web therese as a name for girls is of greek origin, and therese means late summer.

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Web the name “therese” is of greek origin. Thérèse) is a feminine given name. Name therese in the german origin, means harvester.

Web Therese Is The French Variation Of The Greek Name Teresa, Which Means ‘Harvester.’ Teresa Is A Female Given Name.

Check out therese name pronunciation,. Harvester the meaning of the name “therese” is different in several. Your name in reverse order is “esereht.” a random rearrangement of the letters in your name.

The Meaning Of Therese Is Harvester, Reaper.

Web meaning & history. Last popular in this country from the 1920s to the 1950s, it now seems more modern than the english theresa. Web therese is a feminine name of french origin meaning “the harvester” or “late summer.” it is considered to be derived from the greek word therízō, meaning “to.

Therese Is Primarily Considered For Baby Unisex Names Names.

Web the name therese is of french origin. French meaning of therese classmate finder find family tree free dating sites gender: Feminine form of terence origin greek therese name popularity 2023 # 9174 in.