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Meaning Of Winnie Name. Web winnie is a name with welsh origins, derived from the name gwyneth. german english french spanish portuguese dutch italian.

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Web meaning of winnie name : Association with the fictional character winnie the pooh. Web what does winnie mean?

Fair One, White And Smooth, Soft, Happiness, Or Fair And Pure.

It is the female form of the names winnen and winifred. The name is a variant of. Web winnie as a name for girls is a welsh and native american indian name, and winnie means fair and smooth;

Winnie Is An Alternate Form Of Guinevere (Welsh).

Web the baby girl name winnie is of english origin. Winnie or winny is a male and female given name of welsh origin, a short form (hypocorism) of edwina, winona, winifred or winnifred, winter, gwendolyn, guinevere (welsh), gwyneth (welsh), and wynne (welsh). Web winnie means “fair”, “white” and “friend of peace”.

The Popularity Of The Name Winnie Steadily Declined Among American Women In The 20Th Century, But In The 1990 Us Census, Still Ranked 699Th Of 4276.

Web if you are looking for a name that is classic, sweet, and full of character, winnie might be the perfect name for your little one. Web the meaning of winnie is ‘to win’. Gentle friend, friend of peace.

Winnie Meaning, Winnie Popularity, Winnie Hieroglyphics, Winnie Numerology, And Other Interesting Facts.

Unisex, both boy and girl. Web what does winnie mean? Name winnie is of english origin and is a girl name.

Name Winnie In The English Origin, Means.

Web in celtic baby names the meaning of the name winnie is: The name is traditionally given to girls and it is of welsh origins. Web meaning:* winnie is a diminutive of edwina, winifred, winnifred, gwendolyn, guinevere, and gwyneth.