Meaning Of Xiomara Name

Meaning Of Xiomara Name. English speaking countries, spanish speaking countries. Web meaning:* (no reliable information is now available, we will update as soon as possible).

Xiomara Meaning of Name

Perfect for little ones with a daring and courageous streak, it means ready for battle.. Web what does xiomara mean? Web xiomara name meaning:

Web What Is The Meaning Of The Name Xiomara?

Xiomara is a variant form of xenia (greek). Web what does the name xiomara mean? It is probably a spanish variant of the.

The Name Xiomara Inspires Respectfulness, Dedication And Persuasion.

Entry updated november 16, 2019. Baby name meaning, origin, popularity, more. Web xiomara name meaning:

Xiomara As A Name For Girls Has Its Root In Greek, And The Name Xiomara Means Guest, Stranger.

Web what is the meaning of the name xiomara? Xiomara is a name of aramaic and italian origin, meaning “famous in battle.” it’s a strong and powerful name that can inspire confidence. Possibly a spanish form of guiomar.

Xiomara Is A Girl's Name Of Spanish Origin.

What makes it a powerful name. Where is the name xiomara popular?. The name xiomara is primarily a female name of spanish origin that means ready for battle.

Xiomara Means “Famous In The War” (From Old High German “Wīg” = War/Battle” + “Mari” = Famous).

English speaking countries, spanish speaking countries. Web the meaning of the name xiomara is derived from the combination of the spanish name 'x' and 'mara', meaning 'famous', the name xiomara signifies 'famous one' or 'renowned. Web meaning of xiomara name :