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Meaning Of Yana Name. It is from avestan, an ancient language of persia. Yana is an alternate form of yoana (hebrew):

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What does the name yana. Yana is an alternate form of yoana (hebrew): Web yana is a bulgarian, ukrainian, and russian name that means “god is gracious”.

Web The Name Yana Has Multiple Meanings Across Different Cultures.

Yana gorbulsky american designer (supayana) yana toboso japanese manga artist; Yana is an alternate form of yoana (hebrew): The origin of yana is the native american and aramaic languages.

A Romanization Of The Bulgarian Or Russian Name Яна (Jána).

Its pronunciation is y ae nah †. Yana is a bulgarian, russian and ukrainian form of the name jana. A river in sakha (yakutia), russia that rises near verkhoyansk and.

Web Yana Gupta Czech,Indian Actress;

Web yana is a ♀ girl’s name. Web what does yana mean? Web monday, the lucky day for this name, is the day of the moon and inspires emotionality and heightened perception.

Web Yana Is A Bulgarian, Ukrainian, And Russian Name That Means “God Is Gracious”.

Web the forename yana is a female name of russian and hebrew origin, which means 'he answers'. Yana is a beautiful and unique name that has a rich history and meaning. The name yana is of hebrew origin and means “god is gracious”.

The Name Yana Is Primarily A Female Name Of Hebrew Origin That Means He Answers.

Name yana is of slavic, indian origin and is a girl name. What does the name yana. It is derived from several languages and has varying interpretations.