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Name Meaning Of Eugene. According to 2 people from california, u.s., the name eugene is of greek origin and means well born. Eugene means warrior and is of greek origin.

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According to a user from massachusetts, u.s., the name eugene means.web It is more often used as a boy (male) name. On the one hand, it’s a grandpa,.web

The Name Eugene Is Of Greek Origin.

From the greek to the french and across the seas to england, eugene is certainly a.web It is derived from the elements 'eugenes' meaning well born, noble ; It is composed of the elements εὖ meaning good and γενής meaning born.web

The Meaning Of The Name “Eugene” Is:

Eugene is an english form of the name eugenius, a latin variant of the greek name eugénios (εὐγένιος). It is more often used as a boy (male) name. ‘eugenios’ is a combination of two elements, ‘eu’,.web

It Consists Of 6 Letters And 2 Syllables And Is.web

Check out eugene name pronunciation, lucky.web It comes from the old greek name 'eugenios'. The name “eugene” is of greek origin.

Eugene, Of Greek Origin, Is A Very Popular First Name.

Eugene is a french as well as english name, whose origins are old greek. The name eugene is a boy's name of greek origin meaning wellborn, noble. • eugene (disambiguation)
• eugen
• eugenio
• eugenios
• eugenius, western roman emperor

English Form Of Eugenius, The Latin Form Of The Greek Name Εὐγένιος (Eugenios), Which Was Derived From The Greek Word Εὐγενής (Eugenes) Meaning Well Born.

Symbolism of the name eugene: Eugene is a classic that has rather lost its way. Eugene is primarily considered for baby boy names names.