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Names That Mean Excellent. How about 'aali', an arabic name that means 'high, lofty, sublime, excellent', or 'bahir', another arabic.web 1 names that mean excellent | nameberry.

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How about ‘aali’, an arabic name that means ‘high, lofty, sublime, excellent’, or ‘bahir’, another arabic.web Uddam the name uddam is of indian origin and means an exceptional man. Shreshth meaning of name shresth.

400 Baby Names That Mean Successful (Or Winner) Strong Baby Girl Names.

Welcome to our array of baby names that mean 'excellent'. Harika 104 harika is a female given name of arabic origin, meaning wonderful, excellent or beautiful.web In 2010 girls boys first last on this page add what excellent means to you related names pronunciation meanings and originsweb

1 Names That Mean Excellent | Nameberry.

Ansaldo means “power, leader, ruler.”. Wasef the name wasef is of arabic origin and means pure, good excellent. Classic, most excellent, best origin:

Hindi Shreyus Shreyas Is A Sanskrit Name For Boys Meaning Virtue, Most Excellent.

Boy names that mean great. Means most excellent, best in sanskrit. Abu bakr the name abu bakr is of arabic origin and means justice, fairness, virtuousness, moderation, moral excellence.web

Arabic Kei 25 Japanese Mumtaz 21 Excellent, Distinguished, Exquisite.

Zhao the name zhao is of chinese origin and means excellent. Arabic aram 64 father of a multitude; These names resonate with the spirit of excellence and perfection.

Vrushabh The Name Vrushabh Is Of Hindi Origin And Means Excellent.

This italian boy name is quite rare and combines the germanic elements ans and wald to create its powerful meaning. This one is a female name that means “the best kind, excellent.” this is a genus of flowering plant, an evergreen perennial.web Sensational baby names that mean excellent.