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Names That Mean Eyes. It is a unique name for. It’s a turkish girl name.

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Web we’ve put together a comprehensive list of names from around the world with roots in different cultures and mythologies, so look closely and you may find one that. Web 10 boy names that mean eyes. It is a unique name for.

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It is a name for both boys and girls, which originated from arabic origin. With roots in slavic languages, kalina means “flower,” symbolizing the bloom and beauty reflected in expressive eyes. These names, whether for a baby boy, baby.

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Aenon the name aenon is of biblical origin and. Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life’s most precious moments. It’s an indian girl name that means (broad eye;

Diminutive Of Margaret Or Flower Name, English.

Web when you give your baby a name that means “eye,” you may be suggesting that they are the apple of your eye, have beautiful eyes, or are gifted with the power of. There are plenty of gorgeous names that work perfectly for girls and boys with blue eyes. So take a look and see if any of these names are just right for your.

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Names meaning beautiful eyes filter my results. Web 10 boy names that mean eyes. 10 unisex names meaning eyes.

Abser The Name Abser Is Of Arabic Origin And Means Sight, Sight, Eye, Knowledge.

Names meaning eyes will help you choose best name for your baby. The meaning of abraj is “with beautiful eyes.” chosposi: It’s a turkish girl name.