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Names That Mean Saturn. Thing > celestial body, planet > saturn. Here we’re sharing some of our favorite star names for babies.

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Web one of uranus’ moons. Discover the meaning and significance of the name saturn. Web according to a user from india, the name saturn means the name means the 6th planet in the solar system.

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A user from france says the name saturn means a planet in our. Web saturn meaning and origin saturn is a boy's name of roman origin, meaning 'god of agriculture.' the name saturn derives from roman mythology, where saturn (latin:. Web the baby name saturn sounds like stern, saturnino, sothern, sterne and stearn.

Thing > Celestial Body, Planet > Saturn.

Saturn is equivalent to the ancient greek god kronos. Filter by gender, usage, language, and place to find the perfect. Web home » name meanings.

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Web saturn is a latin name for boys, derived from saturnus, meaning 'god of agriculture'. Discover the meaning and significance of the name saturn. Web a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword saturn, a roman god of agriculture and wealth.

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Web one of uranus’ moons. The name saturn is primarily a male name of latin origin that means roman god of agriculture. The common name for saturn in jyotish texts is शनि:.

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Web saturn is named after the god saturnus, the god of agriculture and harvest. They decided to make the. Other similar baby names are sturm, saffron, saphron, saffren, saffran, seaton, seton,.