Nayeli Meaning Of Name

Nayeli Meaning Of Name. The name has been among the one thousand most used names for girls in the united states since 1993. American names, love names, native american names, unisex names.

Nayeli Name Meaning, Origin, History, And Popularity

A name rarely heard outside the latino community, but it was popular enough in the early 2000s to crack the top 200. It means i love you in the aztec language of nahuatl. Web the meaning of the name “nayeli” is:

“Nay” Is Thought To Mean “Open” Or “Heart” In The Zapotec Language, While “Eli” Is A Suffix That Is Added To Many.

To express the feeling of love, i love you. See what 3 people think about nayeli. You are expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring.

Nayeli Is A Name That's Been Used By Parents Who Are.

Web nayeli means i love you in the language of the zapotec indians of mexico. What does the girl’s name nayeli mean? Nayeli is a name that’s been used by parents who are.

It Means I Love You In The Aztec Language Of Nahuatl.

Charming and cheerful, you are. Web the name nayeli is a girl's name of zapotec origin meaning i love you. Discover now the meaning, origin, popularity,.

Where Does The Name Nayeli Come From?

Probably originates in zapotec language and means i love you. American names, love names, native american names, unisex names. It has been used primarily in the hispanic community in the united states as well as in mexico.

Meaning Of The Name Nayeli.

Web what does the name nayeli mean? Web the name is made up of two parts: It is also of native american zapotec origin, where its meaning is i love you.