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Neo Meaning Of Name. Web symbolism of the name neo: This nouveau name of keanu reeves's.

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The meaning, origin and history of the given name neo. The different meanings of the name neo are: Web 12 rows about neo.

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Web symbolism of the name neo: Neonilla was the wife of st. It could originate from both the english word meaning ‘new’, and the african word meaning.

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Great names for little feet. Both of neo’s meanings can offer great symbolism to new parents, separately or together. Web a baby girl names that start with a b

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Web neo is a boy name, meaning new, gift in finnish origin. Web meaning of the name neo updated december 4, 2023 neo gender: New ♥ add to my namelist what is the meaning of the.

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Neo 1 f & m southern african, tswana. The meaning of neo has more than one different etymologies. What is the meaning of the name neo?

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Web this name derives from the ancient greek “néos (νέος),” meaning “new.” st. The name neo is both a boy's name and a girl's name of latin origin meaning new or gift. Neo can be found as a boy’s name in several countries.