Meaning Of Name Amory

Meaning Of Name Amory. What is the origin of the name amory? Name amory in the german origin, means they are powerful, brave has divine. Web weird things […]

Meaning Of Name Godwin

Meaning Of Name Godwin. Web godwin means god's friend. Sharing the company of theophilus. Cnut made him the first earl of wessex. Godwin is a masculine name. Web […]

What Does The Name Ausar Mean

What Does The Name Ausar Mean. Ausar means another name for osiris. Save this name to your. Web the united states on friday vetoed a proposed united nations […]

What Does The Name Guy Mean

What Does The Name Guy Mean. It is of old german origin, and the meaning of guy is wood, wide. A borrowing from the french, guy is derived […]

Family Tree For Spanish

Family Tree For Spanish. A family member, the verb ser and an adjective in spanish, that is words to describe personality or physical appearance. Web family tree in […]

What Does The Name Minnie Mean

What Does The Name Minnie Mean. A pet form of miryam, a hebrew name of debated meaning. The baby girl name minnie is of german origin. What does […]

Meaning Of The Name Ariadne

Meaning Of The Name Ariadne. Ariadne was greek mythological daughter of king minos of crete who. This name of the cretan goddess of fertility is most popular. “ariadne” […]

Meaning Of Name Lonnie

Meaning Of Name Lonnie. Noble person who is alwats ready for a battle. Renkl is a contributing opinion writer in nashville who covers flora, fauna, politics and culture […]

Meaning Of Name Qais

Meaning Of Name Qais. Web the growth number corresponding to this first name is 1. Web qais name meaning, baby boy name qais meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. Also […]

What Does The Name Beowulf Mean

What Does The Name Beowulf Mean. Beowulf is an old english epic poem in the tradition of germanic heroic legend consisting of 3,182 alliterative lines. User submitted meanings […]