Quddus Name Meaning In Urdu

Quddus Name Meaning In Urdu. Web quddoos is a remarkable name with amazing meaning. Web find quddus name meaning in urdu, gender, lucky number, favourable day, suitable color, religion, fine metals etc.

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More over quddus is a curious personality about the things rooming. Quddus name english meanings are: Web quddoos is a remarkable name with amazing meaning.

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It has a place with arabic source. Web abdul quddus (transliteration: Find quddus multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in english,.

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Web quddus is a name that signifies a person who is good inside out. Web quddoos is a arabic baby boy name, it is from arabic origin. Web name meaning of quddus in english, urdu, hindi & bangla.

Quddus Is A Muslim Boy Name And Has Arabic Origin.

Web 11 rows qudus name meaning is pure, blessed. Web quddus name meaning quddus is a muslim boy name with arabic origins. Web quddus meaning in urdu is پاک.

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Meaning of the quddoos is holy, most, pure, free from any defects. Its meaning is servant of the most holy. Write abdul quddus in urdu, hindi, arabic,.

Web Abdul Quddus Is A Muslim Arabic Baby Boy Name.

Quddus name meaning in urdu. عبد القدّوس) is an arabic name for god that means “servant of the most holy”, “servant of the most sacred”,. Web 10 rows abdul quddus name meaning is in sindhi meaning is servant of the holy.