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Sol Badguy Family Tree. In 2073, upon catching wind of that man. He only speaks when required, and uses as few.

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Open comment sort options add a comment melonwater6985 • 2 yr. The ultimate introductory character, sol’s fighting style is somewhat similar to ryu’s of street fighter. Sol possesses enormous strength due to him being a gear and he abuses this fact through.

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Web 418 8.3k views 1 year ago join true masters & morons as we go over the story of sol badguy, the protagonist of the guilty gear franchise. The way that test acts in ggx. Sol was a subject of biological weapon research.

Web The Dizzy Thing Is Bizzarre.

So it’s possible aria got. The weapon itself is capable of magnifying fire. Either by being maybe adopted by the random old couple or by.

El And Ram Actually Wondered About That Themself In Story When They Tried To.

Ago asuka is sol's father in law now. Guilty gear's titular main protagonist, sol badguy is the series main rushdown character. Sol badguy is modeled after freddie mercury and to a greater extent, queen.

Web After Successfully Maintaining His Humanoid Form, He Blends Back Into Human Society As A Bounty Hunter, Calling Himself Sol Badguy.

Web guilty gear fighting game gaming. Web sol badguy easy to use. Web sol badguy is the most balanced character in the game.

Sol Possesses Enormous Strength Due To Him Being A Gear And He Abuses This Fact Through.

One day, ky challenged sol to a duel; An aggressive striker who beats the the opponent down with style. In 2073, upon catching wind of that man.