Damien Name Meaning Bible

Damien Name Meaning Bible. Web the name damian means “tamer,” and it comes from the greek word “damazo,” which means “to subdue”. Web in the bible, damian is […]

Amber Name Meaning In Bible

Amber Name Meaning In Bible. Coniferous) trees and used in jewellery. 8:2 ) it is usually supposed that the hebrew word chasmal (denotes a metal) and not the […]

Caden Name Meaning In Bible

Caden Name Meaning In Bible. In american baby names the meaning of the name.web Cayden is an alternate spelling of caden.web In american baby names the meaning of […]

Dallas Name Meaning Bible

Dallas Name Meaning Bible. Web meaning & history. From the hebrew name אֲבִיגָיִל ('avigayil) meaning. Web the meaning of the name “dallas” is: Web according to a user […]

Daphne Name Meaning Bible

Daphne Name Meaning Bible. Web name daphne comes from the ancient greek δάφνη (daphne), which means “laurel”. The name came into popular use in the anglosphere in the […]

George Name Meaning Bible

George Name Meaning Bible. It traces its origins back to ancient greece, where it. The biblical meanings of george. Invented the name of george lucas, the. It is […]

Kayden Name Meaning Bible

Kayden Name Meaning Bible. Kayden is a variant form of cade (old english, old french):. Round kayden is a masculine name of predominantly irish origin, with other roots […]