Meaning Of Misha Name

Meaning Of Misha Name. Meaning of hindu,muslim girl name misha is happy for the entire life. Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet mohammed. […]

Meaning Of The Name Marietta

Meaning Of The Name Marietta. Web in french baby names the meaning of the name marietta is: Or who takes a stance against video games, on the grounds. […]

Meaning Of The Name Laban

Meaning Of The Name Laban. Laban has 18 forms that are used in english and other languages. Web the meaning & origin of the name laban. The name […]

Meaning Of The Name Frazier

Meaning Of The Name Frazier. In scottish baby names the meaning of the name frazier is: What is the meaning of frazier? Frazier is a surname of scottish […]

Meaning Of The Name Neha

Meaning Of The Name Neha. Affectionate.’ the name is of indian origin and is traditionally used to name baby girls. Pronunciation, variants and shortened forms of the hindu […]

Meaning Of Name Annalise

Meaning Of Name Annalise. Web this powerful combination of meanings makes annalise a name that is both meaningful and spiritual, embodying the idea of god’s grace and favor […]

Meaning Of The Name Ileana

Meaning Of The Name Ileana. It is also of gaelic and irish origin, where its meaning is multiple, see aveline. Ileana means “torch” (from ancient greek “helénē/ἑλένη”) and […]

Meaning Of Name Elihu

Meaning Of Name Elihu. It is of hebrew origin, and the meaning of elihu is he is my god. The origin of the name elihu can be traced […]

Meaning Of The Name Urijah

Meaning Of The Name Urijah. Check out urijah name pronunciation, lucky. Web the meaning of urijah is ‘my light is jehovah’. Web the meaning of the unisex name […]

Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Rayne

Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Rayne. Web so, what does rayne mean from a spiritual perspective? Rayne as a girls' name (also used less widely as boys' name […]