Last Names That Mean Water

Last Names That Mean Water. Web water last name popularity, meaning and origin. Web there are 3,000 immigration records available for the last name water. 井 (3,170) 瀬 […]

Japanese Boy Names That Mean Water

Japanese Boy Names That Mean Water. Minakami (japanese origin) means someone who is seagoing or always on water. Web anna anna is traditionally a feminine name that means […]

Names Meaning Water Lily

Names Meaning Water Lily. The floral name was derived from the latin lilium, itself derived from the greek leirion. Filter by gender, starting letter, a keyword, and by […]

Boy Names Meaning Water

Boy Names Meaning Water. Web currently we have 80 boy names contains meaning word water in our english/british collection boys girls a b c d e f g […]

Japanese Names Meaning Water

Japanese Names Meaning Water. Note that depending on the japanese characters used these names can have many. Dive into 'mizu', 'izumi', and other gems. This name combines “mizu” […]

Japanese Name That Means Water

Japanese Name That Means Water. Karin combines “ka” (flower) with “rin” (bell), creating a name that can symbolize the gentle sound of water droplets. Web in the japanese […]

Names That Mean Water For Boy

Names That Mean Water For Boy. Also a color name for the. Anahita anahita is a beautiful and underused persian name, meaning ‘water or river goddess’. These boy […]