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The Meaning Of The Name Clarissa. Web a user from canada says the name clarissa means bright, clear, shining, gentle, famous. The name clarissa is usually given to a girl.

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Clarissa is a female given name borrowed from latin, italian, and portuguese, originally denoting a nun of the roman catholic order of st. Clarissa, the daintier version of claire, has a long literary history of its own, having been featured in the novels of samuel richardson, charles dickens, and virginia. Web a user from canada says the name clarissa means bright, clear, shining, gentle, famous.

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Clarice is an anglicization of clarisse, the french form of the same name. In english baby names the meaning of the name clarissa is: Clara is a derivative of the masculine name clarus which was a latin adjective meaning ‘famous’ or ‘bright’.

It Is More Often Used As A Girl (Female) Name.

Clarissa is a name derived from the germanic name clarice, which is derived. It is also of greek origin, where its meaning is brilliant and italian origin, where its meaning is. Web this name derives from the imperial latin word “clàrus,” meaning “clear, bright, famous, illustrious one.” in english, originally in the form “clare,” the name is in use since the.

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Web clarissa name meanings in english, personality, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion. The name clarissa is primarily a female name of latin origin that means illustrious. It is a combination of st.

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Its symbolism and destiny implications. Web the name clarissa has a rich and fascinating history that spans centuries and continents. Web search comprehensively and find the name meaning of clarissa and its name origin or of any other name in our database.

Alatin Clara, Meaning Bright Or Clear.

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