The Meaning Of The Name Justus

The Meaning Of The Name Justus. Justus a charismatic name that contains the idea of equity. It is of latin origin, and the meaning of justus is upright, just.

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(1) it was the roman surname of joseph barsabbas (which see). Just origin of the name justus: It became popular in the.web

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The name justus is a boy's name of german, latin, dutch origin meaning just. What does each alphabet means in the name justus?each letters holds a specific meanings that describe the nature of the name. The meaning of justus is “righteous, just, fair”.

Justus A Charismatic Name That Contains The Idea Of Equity.

It is of latin origin, and the meaning of justus is upright, just. Justus is primarily considered for baby boy names names. This name derives from the latin “iustĭtĭa > iustus,” meaning “rightful, legal, fair, honest, equal, impartial.”.

Justus Comes From The Latin Culture As An Alternative To Justice.

Pronunciation of justus german english french spanish portuguese .web Justus may mean just, upright,.web This name was borne by at least eight saints.

Upright, Just There's Something Classic And Strong About Latin Names, And Justus Is No Exception.

The name justus is primarily a male name of latin origin that means just, fair. Check out justus name pronunciation, lucky number,.web Name justus in the german, dutch, latin origin, means justus means.web

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It consists of 6 letters and 2 syllables and is.web Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be.web It is derived literally from the word 'justus' meaning just, righteous, fair.