The Meaning Of The Name Maurice

The Meaning Of The Name Maurice. Web maurice means moor, dark skinned and is of greek origin. Web maurice the meaning & origin of the name maurice.

The hidden meaning of the name Maurice Namious

Also possibly an anglicized form of muirgheas ( irish, gaelic) seafarer and ultimately derive from the. Swarthy.famous bearer:french singer/actor maurice chevalier. Web a submission from alaska, u.s.

The Name Maurice Has Its Roots In The Latin Name Mauritius.

Web the meaning of maurice in scripture. Web origin, meaning, and history of maurice. The meaning of the name maurice.

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Web the name maurice is of latin, english and french origin. Web maurice origin and meaning. The name maurice is usually given to a boy.

Moor, Dark Skinned Origin Greek Maurice Name Popularity 2023 # 932 In 2023 +234 From 2022 Source:

It originates as a french name derived from the latin mauritius or mauricius and was subsequently used in other languages. The meaning of maurice is “moor, dark skinned”. And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, dark skinned.

Its Popularity Is Due To Mauritius, A Saint Of The Theban Legion (Died 287).

People having the name maurice are in general originating. Maurice is generally used as a boy's name. Maurice is a french boy name, which has 7 letters.

The Name Has Biblical Roots And Is Derived From The Latin Word “Maurus,”.

Web maurice means moor, dark skinned and is of greek origin. Maurice is primarily considered for baby boy names names. In english baby names the meaning of the name maurice is: