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What Does Name Elaine Mean. It is a french variant of helen. Web elaine origin and meaning.

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Web what does elaine mean? Elaine is a form of the english name eleanor. Another possible derivation of the name is the greek word selene, which signifies.

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Web the meaning of elaine is light. Elaine derives from an old french. In greek baby names the meaning of the.

Web Elaine Is Primarily Used In The English, French, And Welsh Languages.

You are fine when in harmony but changeable when in discord, because many of your best qualities are then reversed. Elaine is a scottish and french girl’s name that means “bright, shining light”, “torch”, or “moon”. Elaine is also a form of the english name eleanor.

The Name Elaine Is Of Old French Origin And Is Derived From The Provençal Name “Alaunius,”.

Helen originates in greek language and means torch of light. The name elaine is primarily a female name of english origin that means light. Web the meaning of the name “elaine” is:

It Is A French Variant Of Helen.

It appears in arthurian legend; September 30, 2023 by momswhothink staff. Elaine is an old french variant of helen.

It Is Of Old Provençal And Old Greek Origin.

The name elaine is a girl's name of french, scottish origin meaning bright, shining light. In greek mythology, helen is a famous figure, known as helen of. Elaine is an english and french variant of the name helen, which is of greek origin.