What Does The Name Archer Mean

What Does The Name Archer Mean. Name archer in the english, french origin, means an english bowman. Web origin and meaning of archer.

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The meaning of the name “archer” is: Web origin and meaning of archer. And it’s a nice way to bypass the.

Web See The Popularity Of The Baby Boy's Name Archer Over Time, Plus Its Meaning, Origin, Common Sibling Names, And More In Babycenter's Baby Names Tool.

Bowman is the meaning of the name, and. The name archer is an english baby name. Web archer name meanings in english, personality, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion.

Derived From A Surname Of Latin Origin Borne By Skilled Middle Ages Archers.

What does the name archer mean? What is the origin of the name archer? What is the meaning of the name archer?

Web The Name Archer Is A Boy’s Name Meaning “Bowman” And Is Of English Origin.

Web in english baby names the meaning of the name archer is: Recently in 2019, 97 babies were. Web the name archer is also connected to the latin word “arcere”, meaning “to defend”.

The Given Name Archer Derived From An Occupational English Surname.

Emotion evoked from the name archer: Archer is originally an occupational name for a. The name archer is of english origin and is derived from the old french word “archier,” which.

Web Archer Is A Familiar Baby Name In Western Australia, During Its Short Term Of Usage, The Name Has Been To The Top 100 Names.

This great little boy name has a natural grace. And it's a nice way to bypass the. The name archer evokes feelings of agility and acumen.