What Does The Name Clare Mean

What Does The Name Clare Mean. A cognate of clara, which is derived from the latin clārus (bright, clear, famous). Habitational name from clare in suffolk (probably named with a celtic river name meaning ‘bright’, ‘gentle’, or ‘warm’).

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The name was borne by st. Claire, cleary, cuyler, collier, clarrie, calliroe, clara 2 people from the united kingdom and cayman islands agree the name clare is of latin origin and means bright and clear.

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Introduced to britain by the normans, but then abandoned. Clare as a boys' name (also used more widely as girls' name clare ). This is the original, more prosaic spelling, but the airier claire now dominates.

Clare Is Used Predominantly In The English Language, And Its Origin Is Latin And English.

Clare is used as both a boys and girls name. Web it is of latin origin, and the meaning of claire is bright, famous. Web the name clare is primarily a female name of english origin that means illustrious, enlightened.

2 People From The United Kingdom And Cayman Islands Agree The Name Clare Is Of Latin Origin And Means Bright And Clear.

Web in latin baby names the meaning of the name clare is: The meaning of clare is clear, bright. At times, you can be impatient, and impulsive.

Clare's Language Of Origin Is Latin And It Is Predominantly Used In English.

It is derived from the word clarus which is of the meaning 'clear, bright, famous'. Web what does clare mean? Web clare what does the name clare mean?

Web Clare As A Girls' Name (Also Used Less Generally As Boys' Name Clare) Is Of Latin Origin, And The Meaning Of Clare Is Bright, Famous.

Sometimes used as a diminutive of clarence. Claire, with an “e” at the end, is the feminine form in french, while clair would be the masculine form. “claire” came from the french word for “clear.” pronunciation: